Treadmills & Floor Damage

Exercise room interior

Treadmills, with their heavy weight, moving parts and vibrations, pose possible risks to your flooring when used in your home. While you have the option to test the treadmill in the showroom to determine if it has any effect on the flooring underneath it, few may think of it. The real test comes when you get it home and set it on your own flooring. Most flooring types benefit from some protection from your treadmill.


Moving your treadmill or placing your treadmill in its permanent position without protection underneath it may cause permanent damage to your hard or carpeted floors. While most treadmill owner's manuals specify you should use a mat underneath your treadmill, they do not address the potential damage a treadmill could cause to your flooring.


When operating your treadmill, parts of the treadmill combined with the impact of the machine may dig into your flooring and may scratch or dent your hard floor. A treadmill may also damage your carpet flooring by snagging it or crushing the fibers with its weight. Because most treadmills use lubricants on its parts, lubricant may leak out over time and accumulate underneath the machine, causing a stain on your flooring.


Preferably place the treadmill on a hard concrete floor, usually located in your home's basement. If using the treadmill on a main floor, use a heavy duty rug, mat, heavy cardboard piece of plywood underneath the treadmill. Exercise equipment retailers also sell mats specifically for placing underneath treadmills.

When moving your treadmill, lift it up completely from the floor with the assistance of another person. Pushing the machine across the floor may snag carpet or cause scratches or gouges in hard floors. If your treadmill has wheels for transporting, lift the machine up from the rear until the wheels touch the floor. Wheel your treadmill carefully to the desired location, watching to make sure the wheels do not make any marks or cause damage to the floor.


Most treadmill manufacturers do not reimburse you for damage caused to your flooring when using their treadmill. If you notice damage occurring to your floor, return it to the store for a refund if within the specified return time frame or take measures to prevent further damage to your floor immediately.

Further Help

To speak to a qualified representative about your concerns involving your treadmill and if it may cause damage to your floors, contact your manufacturer's customer service department. They will further advise you on how to prevent damage to your floors when using your treadmill.