How to Buy an Indoor Bike

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An indoor bike is a cycle that is designed to make you feel as if you are cycling outdoors. You can simulate different terrains to get a good cardio workout. Indoor bicycle workouts typically involve instructor-led interval training with climbs and sprints. Indoor cycling works the quads, hamstrings, buttocks and back muscles. The main difference between an indoor bike and a simple stationary exercise bike is that an indoor bike has a flywheel used to simulate momentum. Review some key features before you buy an indoor bike.

Test out an indoor bike before you purchase one to make sure you are comfortable with the machine. Sit in a forward leaning position and stand upright while testing out the cycle since these are common poses used in indoor biking workouts.

Review the types of tension controls available on the indoor cycles. Choose controls positioned for easy access on the grips of the handlebars. Look for a bike with a good range of resistance, as well. Some cycles, such as the Stamina CPS, have adjustments that allow you to access uphill and downhill resistance.

Determine the weight and limit for indoor cycles. On average, cycles can hold individuals up to 300 pounds. If possible, sit on the cycle before buying to make sure you are at a comfortable height for riding. Indoor cycles offer seat and handlebar adjustments. Level adjustments are often available as well and can be performed by rotating the legs of the bike.

Check the warranty coverage of the indoor cycle. Bike parts can be expensive, so ensure that you have adequate coverage. Warranties for the cycles typically range between one year and five years.

Browse the manufacturers of indoor cycles. Looking at the manufacturer's websites can allow you to view the specs of the bikes as well as the MSRP of the bike to compare the price and features. Some well-known producers are LifeSpan, Startrac, Best Fitness, Stamina and BodyCraft. The companies make both home and commercial grade stationary bikes. You can read reviews of the different bikes and see key features on sites like Galt.