Calories Burned With a Pedal Exerciser

pedal machine to do exercise

The Pedal Exerciser is a fitness device produced by Isokinetics, Inc. that functions in a manner similar to an exercise bicycle, but does not come equipped with a seat or handlebars. This allows the user to store the product more easily when not in use.


The Pedal Exerciser comes equipped with a tension knob, which adjusts the amount of resistance the user will encounter when attempting to push the pedals. The more effort required to use the machine, the more calories the user will burn.


The duration of the exercise and the specific characteristics of the user help to determine how many calories a workout on the Pedal Exerciser will expend. A 135-pound person performing a 20-minute workout on the Pedal Exerciser will burn approximately 123 calories.


The makers of the Pedal Exerciser recommend that a new user operates the device at a low pace when first starting out. Ideally, a fit user will perform a 20-minute workout three times per week.