Workout Routines for Teens

Fact Checked

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An adolescent’s workout regimen should focus on cross training, which means incorporating cardiovascular endurance, strength-training and flexibility exercises into your routine. Not only does the culmination of the three lead to improved fitness, and help alleviate boredom, but it also can help prevent overuse injuries by limiting stress on specific joints and muscles -- particularly important for student athletes.


Strength-training exercises include the use of free weights, machines and calisthenics like pushups and chin-ups. Adolescent weightlifters can be more prone to overuse injuries, especially in the wrist, elbow and foot because of their immature musculoskeletal system and the fact that their growth plates have not fully fused. Teenage weightlifters should have qualified adult supervision to encourage correct use of the equipment and proper technique.

Cardio & Flexibility

Dancing, running and cycling are good examples of cardio exercises. Teens should be sure to warm up with a brisk walk and dynamic stretching to prevent injuries and pulled muscles. Yoga and Pilates can also improve flexibility and range of motion.