The Benefits From Using a Mini Trampoline

The Benefits From Using a Mini Trampoline

If you're convinced exercising is a chore, try using a mini-trampoline to help you stay in shape. While you may think of trampolines as a child's toy, trampolining has even made it as far as the Olympic Games and made its debut as a competitive sport in Sydney in 2000. The mini-trampoline and its associated exercises differ to the larger trampolines used in the Olympic games, but can still be a useful part of your exercise routine.


Mini-trampolines are used both for workout classes and home workouts, depending on preference. It can be worth taking a class even if you are planning to use the trampoline at home. There you can learn the proper exercises and movements for the equipment. Learning how to bounce safely and comfortably is essential. You should also thoroughly investigate any mini-trampoline you are considering buying. If it looks like it could fold or collapse, avoid it.


Mini-trampolining has a number of benefits. Trampolining can improve your balance and coordination. If you are musical, you should enjoy the rhythmic movements required to exercise efficiently. Trampolining is low-impact but provides a good cardiovascular workout, as the bouncing action quickens your pulse and works several muscle groups at once. Your heart and respiratory system work harder, even if you are only bouncing on a mini-trampoline, as both organs are forced to fight against the earth's gravitational pull. Trampolining can enhance your motor skills and can help to build bone density, according to Brentwood Trampoline Club. A study conducted published in the journal "Aviation, Space and Environmental Exercise" in January 2006 also found that trampoline exercise was a worthy alternative to strength training in helping to reduce neck strain and injury in pilots.


Before you consider purchasing a trampoline, be advised that your insurance company might need to be informed. Your home might not be covered if you have a trampoline or you might be excluded from claiming for any injuries caused by the trampoline. Phone your insurance agent and double-check -- your policy can be canceled or you can be denied coverage for not declaring that you own a mini-trampoline.

Healing and Recovery

Mini-trampolining can help to aid healing, according to a study published in "The Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences" in March 2009. Stroke victims and elderly and fall-prone people could particularly get the benefit of mini-trampolining as researchers found it improved posture and gait, aided balance and helped to increase joint-position awareness in the ankle.


According to Safe Kids Kansas and the American Academy of Pediatrics, more than 90 percent of trampoline injuries occur on home trampolines. Common injuries include muscle injuries and bone breakages but more serious injuries are also seen in children. Head, neck and spine injuries and concussions are common. If there are young children in your home, it is advisable to keep the mini-trampoline locked away -- if you cannot, you might need to reconsider investing in a mini-trampoline.

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