Mammoth Basketball Goal Installation Instructions

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Lifetime Products, one of the world's leading manufacturers of home basketball equipment and other sports gear, makes Mammoth basketball hoops. The company's Mammoth equipment was released in 2001 as a line of professional-quality, home equipment, designed to withstand all kinds of harsh weather and rough usage. Although assembling a Mammoth basketball hoop at home is a complicated process, all you have to do is follow instructions and you'll have a sturdy and long-lasting basketball hoop.

Initial Assembly

Lay out the location of your playing court. Then dig a hole 48 inches deep that measures 21 inches by 21 inches with the edge flush against your playing court. Let the walls of the hole curve outwards as you dig down for increased stability. Then, locate the outer four holes in the J-bolt plate that came with your Mammoth basketball hoop kit and insert the J-bolt rods. Tighten the J-bolt to the plate with a nut on the threaded end. Tighten the nut coupler through center hole as far as it will go.

Mix the concrete and fill the hole, stopping 18 inches from the top. Push the four 36-inch reinforcement bars into the concrete, arranging them in an 8-inch square around the center of the hole. Fill the remainder of the hole with concrete until it protrudes about half an inch above the ground. Be sure to slope the surface downwards towards the playing court to help with water runoff.

Center the J-Bolt template over the hole, making sure that the front is facing the playing surface. Make sure that the template is square to the playing field with the carpenter's level and raised about half an inch above the playing surface as well. Before proceeding any further, let the concrete cure for a minimum of three days.

Handle-to-Pole Assembly

Attach the handle brackets to the pole with the adjustable wrench, Allen wrench and various bolts, making sure that each bracket is oriented so that the side with the holes is closest to the ground. Be careful not to overtighten the brackets; they should be able to move freely around the bolt. If needed, install the spacers into the handle assembly before attaching the handle assembly to the brackets.

Insert the two gas springs into the gas-spring covers, keeping the holes aligned with each other. Line the holes up with the corresponding holes on the pole brackets, then bolt them into place. Slide the trigger pin through the holes at the top of the gas springs.

Have one adult hold the lifter arms in place while you bolt them to the handle assembly. If needed, tap the bolt into place with the rubber mallet. Afterward, lock the handle in place by sliding the lock bracket over the trigger pin and using the pad lock to hold it; this is to prevent serious injury.

Extension-to-Pole-Arms Assembly

Attach the left and right cam plates to the end of the lower-extension arms and then attach the lower-extension arms to the pole, bolting them in place.

Attach both upper-extension arms through the holes at the top of the pole.

Attach the backboard to the lower-extension arms and then secure it in place by bolting it to the upper-extension arms. In order to avoid injury, have one adult holding the pole down at all times.

Pole-to-J-Bolt Assembly

Ready the J-bolt plate for assembly by stacking washers onto the exposed ends of the J-bolts and then position the pole so that the slots in the base of the pole are aligned with the two J-bolts closest to the playing surface. With at least six adults, lift the pole up and let the J-bolts slide through the slots, being careful to have all the holes line up. Stand the pole up.

Bolt the pole onto the plate while at least five adults hold the pole in place.

While two adults continue to support the pole, use a level to make sure the pole is resting completely horizontally and that the backboard is completely vertical. As you tighten the pole onto the J-bolt plate, use the level to make sure the pole and J-bolt plate remains even with the playing surface.

Rim-to-Backboard Assembly

Slide a bolt and washer through the top slots of the basketball rim into the backboard. Secure it into place with a nut and then repeat this with the middle hole. Adjust the tension by tightening or loosening the nuts with the adjustable wrench.

Bolt the rim cover plate to the rim. Raise the backboard until the top of the rim stands 10 feet above the playing surface.

Hook the net into the rim to complete your assembly of the basketball hoop.


J-bolt refers to a J-shaped piece of hardware with a wide variety of uses that can be purchased at almost any hardware store. Your Mammoth basketball hoop kit includes a number of them.


This hoop requires a minimum of six adults to assemble safely.