Instructions for How to Assemble the Ab Lounge

Abs Workout

At first glance, the Ab Lounge looks like a poolside chair but it is an exercise machine that can tone your rectus abdominis and oblique abdominal muscles while supporting your back and neck. It was originally advertised on TV, but you can still find some for sale at garage sales and online. It weighs around 35 pounds and comes folded up and mainly pre-assembled, with the seat back and legs already put together. Putting the rest together is fairly simple.

Select a clear area and lay newspaper on the floor as some components are pre-lubricated. Remove all the parts from the packing box and lay them on the floor. Check that you have the main assembly, two handlebars with locking knobs, a footrest assembly, two bands and an adjustment knob. Older models will also have acorn nuts, bolts and washers to attach the locking arms.

Examine the main component and determine which would be the left side and right side if you were sitting on the seat. Place the right side down and open it by holding the bottom of the two frames and spreading them apart. There should be a locking arm attached to the front frame facing you.

Swing the locking arm around and line up the notch on the underside to the pin on the left rear frame. Press the button on the locking mechanism to slide it back while you place the notch over the pin, then push it forward again to lock it. Check that the cable on the right side of the lounge is firmly attached. If you have an older model, you will have to attach a locking arm on both sides using bolts and acorn nuts; place a washer on either side of the pre-drilled holes before you put the bolt through.

Begin to open the Ab Lounge by pushing the seat and the back through the front frame until they are about 2 feet apart. Examine the seat support frame which sits under the seat and locate the two holes near the middle of the bar. Attach one end of the long band by hooking it into the lower hole and then attach the other end to the hole in the rear frame. Check that the hooks are fully in the holes. Attach the shorter band between the other hole on the seat support frame and the hole on the front frame.

Place the Ab Lounge in the upright position and open it up so the angle between the seat and back is at least 90 degrees. Thread the adjustment knob into the underside of the metal bar extending from the seat. Pull the knob back and position the foot rest assembly into the metal bar. Push the adjustment knob into one of the holes on the assembly and turn it clockwise to tighten it.

Remove the locking knobs from the curved handlebars. Position them with the curves facing down and slide them into the holes at the top of the rear frame. Align the holes and secure the handlebars with the locking knobs. Place the unit on a solid level surface and it is now ready to use.