How to Loosen the Resistance on a Mini Stepper


With a mini stepper at home, you have a simple machine that will allow you to get a cardiovascular workout that forces you to lift your body against gravity. The machine typically comes with variable tension, making it possible to raise or lower the height of the steps to adjust the difficulty. If you find the current height and tension is too difficult for you to exercise comfortably, adjusting the tension is a simple process.

Locate the tension knob on your mini stepper, which is typically located on the central base of the machine.

Turn the tension knob counter-clockwise for a half-turn.

Step onto the mini stepper and test out current tension and height. Step up and down on the stepper for at least 30 seconds to give yourself a good idea of its current tension.

Step off the mini stepper and turn the tension knob counter-clockwise to loosen it further, or clockwise to increase the tension and height.


Always read the user guide that came with your particular model to make sure you're using the machine according to the manufacturer's instructions.