Kinesis Wall Exercises

Mid adult man using cable multigym machine

Kinesis is a piece of exercise equipment that is unlike many others. Usually dedicated to an entire room, these exercise devices are cable pulleys that are hidden behind wood paneled walls. These cable pulleys allow for a natural full range of motion in any possible direction away form the wall, while maintaining constant resistance. Kinesis will help improve balance, core strength, flexibility and muscular coordination in more than 550 possible movements.

General Benefits

When you are using the Kinesis, you can combine cardiovascular and resistance workouts so that your time at the gym can be decreased. Kinesis targets multiple groups of muscles so productivity increases while workout time decreases. Kinesis allows for a lot of practical push-and-pull type exercises that can be combined with movements, such as the lunge and squat. Neuromuscular control and body awareness are improved when training on the Kinesis as well, since the apparatus allows you to move freely in a 360-degree range of motion while maintaining constant tension.

Sport Specificity

Training on the Kinesis can benefit your sport as well. Many sport specific motions can be translated to the Kinesis. For example, you can practice strengthening the motion of your swing just as if you were standing at the tee if you are a golfer. Or you can practice your various strokes if you are swimmer. Kinesis can even incorporate plyometrics, which -- according to the National Strength and Conditioning Association -- are advantageous when training for sport. By simply adding a box or small hurdle, you can work on explosiveness while supporting a natural resistance through Kinesis.


Many rehabilitative exercises can be performed using the Kinesis. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, healing tissues should not be overstressed, and rehabilitation exercises must be adaptable to each individual's goals and requirements. Due to those parameters, it is advised to seek a physical therapist or orthopaedic doctor before you engage in physical activity after an injury. After receiving a green light to partake in exercise, you may be given an exercise prescription. Kinesis is a beneficial piece of equipment to turn to once you are healthy enough to train on your own, because it will allow you to work the muscle in its natural motion in all planes of movement. For example, if you are recovering from shoulder issues, you can perform lateral raises, shoulder protraction and retraction, using diagonal pulleys and variations of the standing row with light resistance to help strengthen the recovering muscles.

Circuit Training

Kinesis offers an excellent opportunity for circuit training. Circuit training is combining exercises and alternating between them with short rest periods. Circuit training can be done by exercising muscles of the same body region or opposing muscles such as the biceps and triceps. You can also complete a full body workout by alternating upper body, core and lower body. Since Kinesis has a wide range of exercises that can be performed on it, transitioning from one exercise to the next is seamless. According to the University of Wisconsin, circuit training can create beneficial gains in muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and burn calories at a faster rate.