How to Install Toe Clips on a Bike

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Toe clips, or toe cages, form a space to hold your foot in place when biking. Pedals transfer power from your legs to the mechanisms that move the bike. To get the most efficient supply of power, clips secure feet to pedals to avoid slippage. Clips also help to ensure proper foot placement. Clips will sit on the front of the pedal and have adjustable straps that secure the foot. Adding top clips to your pedals will improve your performance and reduce fatigue in your legs during long bike trips.

Remove all the parts of the cage assembly from the packaging. The exact contents will depend on the type clips you purchase. You should have two clips, screws to secure them and straps. Locate the clips and separate the right-side clip from the left. The clips may have labeling, such as “R” and “L,” or the package instructions may point out which clip fits each pedal.

Secure the bike on a firm surface, such as a sidewalk. Slide one clip on to the correct pedal. The clip will have slot at the bottom edge that sits over the side of the pedal. Position the clip on the pedal edge where the toe of your shoe would sit. This would be the side closest to the handlebars.

Insert the screws on the underside of the toe clip slot. The screws pass through the bottom of the pedal and into the clip. The exact positioning of the screws may vary by manufacturer.

Tighten the screws with a screwdriver. Insert the driver, Flathead or Phillips depending on the screw head, into the slot on the screw and turn clockwise until the clip is secure.

Repeat the process to install the clip on the other pedal.

Thread the straps through both the clip and the pedal. The exact threading will depend on the style of clip. Many start on one side of the clip, go under the pedal and through a hook on the other side. The top of the strap goes over the top and joins the other end at the hook. Refer to the toe clip package for a threading diagram.

Mount the bike and and adjust the straps. Insert your toe under the strap and into the clip. The clips wraps around the end of your shoe. Pull the strap to tighten it. Leave the strap loose enough so you can remove your foot quickly if necessary. Repeat the process of with the other pedal.


Ride the bike around with your new clips to ensure they are secure without being too binding. You must be able to pull your foot out to stop the bike.


Toe clip overlap is a common problem on small bikes with big wheels. Your toe clip may knock into the front fender or wheel when turning to the right or left at slow speeds.