How to Repair a Bicycle Kickstand


By holding your bicycle upright, the kickstand prevents scraping against hard surfaces and makes it convenient for you to chain the bike to walls and racks to deter theft. Most broken kickstands are either poorly lubricated or have loose bolts. Although a working kickstand is rarely considered a luxury feature of a bicycle, the kickstand is also essential for preserving the paint job on a bike. Kickstand repairs are relatively simple to make.

Inspect the kickstand for metal damage and make sure it can move between the up to the down positions. If it can't, replace the entire kickstand assembly.

Move the kickstand to the down position and lubricate the metal beneath the moving lever with WD-40.

Tighten the pivot pin bolt of the kickstand. Make sure it does not rotate abnormally.

Turn the bicycle upside down. Tighten the kickstand plate bolt with your wrench. Make sure this assembly does not rotate or move horizontally.


Tighten all bolts with care.


The kickstand and bicycle body for a pinch point. Do not allow your fingers to get caught in this pinch point.