The Best Arm Band Exercises for Pitchers

Baseball Pitcher

During the off-season, baseball pitchers need to work on building strength while sharpening their skills and improving their endurance. Bands are useful tools for training as they are cheap, portable, easily stored and versatile. The best arm band exercises for pitchers enhance their pitching form and help strengthen the arm muscles.

Do Just Enough

Carl Kochan, strength and conditioning coach for the San Francisco Giants, says pitchers can use bands two or three times per week to work their arms. Pitchers should do exercises on nonconsecutive days to allow adequate recovery. Beginners should start with one set of 10 repetitions and work up to three sets, with 15 reps in a set, for a more advanced workout. Pitchers can do these exercises after a game during the season and as part of their off-season workout routine.

Show Your Guns

Work external rotation of the arm at the shoulder for proper function and mobility of the arm for pitching. Secure a band with a handle on a wall attachment or around a pole at about shoulder height. Grasp the band with one hand and step back so that the band is stretched slightly and is parallel to the floor. Bend your elbow so your arm forms a 90-degree angle. Rotate your shoulder so that your arm is parallel to the floor while the elbow remains bent. Rotate back so that your fist is up to the ceiling pulling on the band. Rotating up and back down is one complete repetition.

Over Your Head

When a pitcher throws, the triceps work to extend the elbow. Pitchers can work the triceps with a band by doing an overhead extension. Though it would be easier to use a band with a handle, you may use a flat band instead. Secure a band by standing on one end or holding one end behind your back with one hand. Grab the end with your other hand and bring it up over head with your upper arm extended by your ear. Bend your elbow, bringing your hand behind your head. There should be slight tension on the band. Extend your arm up overhead and bring it back down for one complete rep.

Curling Away

During a pitch, your biceps work to decelerate your arm so that you don't hyperextend at the elbow. Do a standing biceps curl by standing on the band and gripping one end in each hand. Turn your palms forward and bend your elbows, bringing your hands toward your shoulders. Slowly release back down for one complete rep.