How to Elongate Legs

Fashion portrait of girl on grey wall

Long legs are considered sexy because they are aesthetically pleasing. For many women who were not blessed with extremely long stems, there is a lot they can do to make legs appear longer. No matter how tall you are there are ways to make your legs seem proportionally lengthy. Some tricks require no time at all and others entail a lifestyle change.

Elongate Legs

Stretch your leg muscles to elongate them and make legs appear longer. Sit on the floor with your legs straight out. Do not bend your knees while you reach your fingertips to your toes. Hold the stretch for about 20 seconds. Repeat several times. You can also stand up and, without bending knees, point your toes in the air while pressing your heel into the ground. You should feel stretching at the back of your legs.

Trim excess fat. Legs will appear longer if they are thinner and toned because the length of the leg compared to the width will increase. Do cardio exercises for at least a half an hour four times a week and eat a sensible diet. As you lose overall body fat your legs will slim down. It is also important to tone your legs because your muscles will make your legs appear tighter. Try squats and lunges to strength and tone legs.

Spray-tan your legs. Tanned skin can make you look slimmer. The slimmer your legs look the longer they will seem. A spray-on tan is recommended over a tan from the sun or tanning booth for skin health. Dark-colored stockings can do the trick as well.

Wear heels. Heels make your legs appear longer and give you a boost of height. Wearing nude colored heels visually adds even more length than any other color shoe because the length of the leg is not broken up by a different color.

Pair your heels or pumps with a skirt, or shorts that fall above the knee, to add length to legs. Another wardrobe tip to make legs appear longer is to wear black pants with pinstripes to make the legs appear visually longer.