Life Fitness Circuit Training

Young people on exercise machine in gym doing cardio

Life Fitness is a major fitness equipment manufacturer that produces a variety of equipment from cardio machines to strength machines. With a goal of helping people improve fitness, Life Fitness developed a specific line of fitness equipment based around circuit training. The Circuit Series combines a wide variety of strength and cardio machines that can be used by anyone regardless of fitness level.


Circuit training is designed to provide a high-intensity workout in a short time period. Life Fitness circuit training incorporates various machines into the circuit that allows you to train multiple muscle groups at the same time. The design on each machine makes switching exercises, machines, settings or weights while in the middle of the workout easy, resulting in improved strength, endurance and flexibility.


Life Fitness circuit training machines provide a total body workout that trains every major muscle group in the body. Within the Life Fitness Circuit Series, machines include the chest press, shoulder press, lat pull-down and seated row for compound upper body exercises. The triceps press, biceps curl, leg extension and seated leg curl machines provide single-joint upper and lower body exercises, and the squat machine is the compound lower body exercise.


Generally, a circuit workout on the Life Fitness machines entails performing one set of each exercise then immediately moving on to the next exercise. Once you have completed the full line of circuit exercises, rest for one minute then do the circuit again for two to three more rounds. Always set the adjustments of each machine to fit your body size and change the weight to provide adequate resistance based on your goals.


One of the major considerations with the Life Fitness circuit training workout is the overall intensity. You have the ability to increase or decrease the intensity based on your current fitness level or fitness goals. Customize the workout plan by alternating the time spent on each exercise or the number of repetitions performed. For toning, use a weight that is challenging to complete 12 to 15 repetitions per set of each exercise. To build bigger muscles, use a heavier resistance in which six to 12 reps are hard to do.