Low Speed Errors on a Sole Treadmill


Sole treadmills can be bought at Sears or directly from the manufacturer. These electric treadmills have few problems, but the treadmill running slowly or displaying a speed less than it is actually going is entirely possible. Usually you can do some easy troubleshooting yourself to fix problems with the belt and power.


Forgoing regular cleaning leads to an accumulation of dust, dirt and possibly pet hair, sweat or other liquids that can create stickiness or friction that slows down the belt. Sole recommends cleaning the belt and deck as needed, but at least once a month. Use a mild soap with water and a nylon scrub brush to remove dirt from the top of the textured belt. Wipe the rest of the belt and deck with a damp cloth. No abrasive cleaners should be used. Sole recommends that once a month, vacuum under the motor hood so that pet hair or dust trapped in the air outlets get removed, as this can affect power.

Power Supply

An inadequate power supply limits a Sole treadmill's speed to 7 mph, even though the display may say it is going faster. Plug the treadmill directly into an outlet without using an extension cord for best performance. If this is not possible, Sole recommends using a short 16 gauge minimum cord.

Belt Too Tight

A walking belt that is too loose will slip and one that is too tight runs slowly. Adjust the tension by inserting a 6 mm Allen wrench into the hole in the right end cap at the back of the deck. This gives you access to the tension bolt. Turn the wrench counterclockwise no more than a 1/4 turn at a time to decrease tension or the opposite way to increase tension. Do not tighten more than necessary to eliminate slippage of the belt on the front roller. You must also then adjust for tracking due to increased belt tension by turning both tracking bolts on each side of the end of the rail 1/4 at a time.

Belt Lubrication

Sole treadmill belts come pre-lubricated, but after the first 50 hours of use you will need to lubricate the machine again. Use only lubricant sold by Sole. The treadmill can go for another 1,000 hours of use before another lubrication if it is cleaned regularly. If the belt is running slow and you have done everything else, it may be that your belt is ready ahead of schedule. Spread an entire tube width-wise across the center of the deck. The place where your feet hit when walking or running is the ideal location for the lubricant.