Problems With a Nordic Track C2050

Woman in the gym

Once available for under $1,000, the discontinued NordicTrack C2050 remains in circulation as a secondhand model. Although the lifetime warranty on the treadmill motor is an encouraging sign of confidence from ICON Health & Fitness, the NordicTrack parent company, the C2050 only carries one year of parts and labor coverage. Complaints about this treadmill are relatively rare, but the C2050 is still subject to a number of potential problems.

Excessive Lubrication

Some home treadmills require regular lubrication for optimal performance. But the belt on your NordicTrack C2050 comes pre-lubricated, and you're not supposed to apply extra lubricant at all. Applying unnecessary lubricants can cause problems instead of preventing them, such as excessive wear and damage to the walking belt.

Treadmill Won't Start

You might be able to troubleshoot this common problem yourself. The NordicTrack C2050 must be plugged into a surge suppressor, which in turn must be plugged into a wall outlet. The circuit breaker located on the treadmill near the power cord must not be tripped -- if the upper edge of the rocker switch protrudes, wait five minutes then press it back in -- and the safety key must be entirely inserted into the console for your C2050 to work.

Off-Center Walking Belt

An off-kilter walking belt is another common treadmill problem that you might be able to troubleshoot yourself. Note which side the belt slips toward. If it shifts to the left, tighten the left roller bolt -- to the left side, on the back of the treadmill frame -- by one half-turn. If the belt shifts to the right, loosen the left roller bolt by one half-turn. Then run the treadmill belt for a few minutes to see if it still slips.

Warranty Does Not Transfer

Although this is a common problem with fitness equipment, it also applies specifically to the NordicTrack C2050: If you purchase this treadmill secondhand, you lose any remaining time on the warranty coverage. So if something does break down on the treadmill you could find yourself out a lot of money for identifying the problem, replacing parts and service charges.

Console Failure

If the console on your NordicTrack C2050 fails, you won't be able to operate the machine at all. If the console displays an incorrect speed or otherwise fails to work properly, you have a slim chance at troubleshooting it yourself. Unplug the treadmill and pivot the hood off the motor. Locate the pulley and the small magnet mounted on it, then the reed switch. Check to make sure that the magnet lines up with the reed switch, and that the gap between them measures about one-eighth of an inch. You can loosen the screw holding the reed switch in place, then shift the reed switch slightly, if necessary, to achieve the appropriate gap. Replace the motor hood then run the treadmill for a few minutes to see if the console operates correctly. If not, you'll have to call for a technician's help.