Mayweather Boxing Training

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As notorious for his antics outside of the ring as he is for his brilliance inside, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is widely considered to be one of the best boxers to ever step foot in the squared circle. While he is certainly gifted, a lot of Mayweather's success can be attributed to his tireless training regimen, world-renowned as one of the most rigorous in all of professional sports.

Strength and Conditioning

No boxer would get very far at the highest levels of the sport without expert strength and conditioning, but Floyd Mayweather Jr. takes things to another level, according to the "L.A. Times." Mayweather is a confessed perfectionist inside and outside of the gym. His particular training secrets are closely guarded, but he works for hours at a time, splitting his workout between extensive road work, bag and mitt work, sparring, jump rope and resistance work on his core and neck.


Of course, the most highly-conditioned athletes would fail inside the ring without the skill and technique to carry them to the championship level. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of the best counter-strikers in the game. He has impeccable timing and expert ring awareness. He hones these skills by working hands-on with skilled trainers who hold pads for him, swing at his head with mitts and constantly force him to work both offensively and defensively. Time spent in the gym separates Mayweather from many of his contemporaries.


Mayweather adjusts his game plans and hones his sport-specific reflexes by putting himself through sparring sessions throughout his training camp. These sparring sessions are rarely allowed to be filmed, but Mayweather sometimes needs to be asked to stop training by his coaches in order to avoid undue stress on his body and mind. Mayweather is often able to keep up a fresh pace throughout a 12-round boxing match because of the amount of time he spends sparring against fresh partners.

Diet and Nutrition

Most high-level athletes follow a strictly-regimented diet and nutrition plan to stay on weight and keep disciplined. Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a personal chef, but he claims that he can eat as often as he wants and whatever he wants because of the amount of training he does. Mayweather trains so hard and so often that his body burns off most of the calories he takes in at a fast pace. Still, Mayweather needs to eat foots that are high in protein, carbohydrates and nutrients to fuel him and aid his recovery.