Baseball Long-Toss Drills

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Baseball long-toss drills are designed to help improve arm strength as well as throwing accuracy. While long toss is designed for outfielders who must make long throws from the outfield to the infield, long-toss drills are also performed by pitchers looking to loosen up their arm muscles and build strength.

Competitive Long-Toss Drill

This long-toss drill improves your arm strength and accuracy. Set up with a partner and stand 10 yards apart from each other. Have another group of two players line up the same distance away but a few feet to your side. Have your coach place cones behind you at increments of 5 yards. On his mark, throw the ball back and forth to each other. If the ball successfully gets to your partner on the fly, then he takes a few steps back to the next cone. If the ball fails to reach your partner or he drops it, he must stay at his original position. The team that is farthest from its original position by the end of the drill wins.

20-Minute Long-Toss Drill

This long-toss drill is designed to help you throw the ball with an arc as well as in a straight line. Stand 25 yards from a teammate. For three minutes, throw the ball back and forth. From here, increase the distance between you to 50 yards and throw consistently for another three minutes. Add an additional 25 yards and throw for three more minutes. Increase the distance to 100 yards or your longest possible distance and throw for two minutes. From here, reduce your distance to 75 yards and throw for two minutes. Bring it back down to 50 yards and throw for another two minutes. Finish the drill by throwing for five minutes from 25 yards.

Long-Toss Hat Drill

The hat drill improves your accuracy from long distances. With a partner, stand 150 to 200 feet apart from each other. Take your hat off and put it directly in front of you. Try to throw the ball so it hits your partner's hat on the fly. You are awarded three points for hitting the hat on the fly and one point if you hit the hat on the bounce. The first player to 11 points wins the drill.

Four-Day Long-Toss Drill

This drill is designed for pitchers looking to improve their arm strength. On the first day of practice, throw the ball to a partner at 80 percent of your maximum throwing distance. Perform this consistently for 10 to 15 minutes before resting. On the second day, throw the ball for the same amount of time but at 60 percent of your maximum distance. On the third day, throw the ball at a short distance with your partner. On the fourth day, the cycle repeats and you start again at 80 percent.