Comparison of Gold's Gym Platinum Smith Machine & GR7000

The GR7000 and the Platinum Smith are in-home fitness systems by Gold's Gym. You can do full-body workouts on either of these machines. Both offer a mixture of free weights and cable stations. The GR7000 is the newer of the two models. It offers a few features that the Platinum Smith doesn't.


At 85 inches tall, 83 inches wide and 106 inches deep, the GR7000 takes up more space than the Platinum Smith, which is 84 inches tall, 83 inches wide and 96 inches deep. You would want an open space at least 9 by 12 feet to comfortably fit and work out on either machine. The GR7000 weight bench has a maximum user weight of 300 lbs. Gold's Gym cautions not to place more than 310 lbs on the weight bench or the weight rests. You can place up to 150 lbs on the weight carriage. The Platinum Smith system has a maximum user weight of 250 lbs. The barbell can handle up to 310 lbs and the weight carriage up to 150 lbs.


Both fitness systems have a Smith bar and an adjustable bench with a leg developer. They also both have high and low pulley cables, bicep preacher pads and butterfly arms. The GR7000 has some additional features including weight rests on the front of the machine. These function similar to a power rack. You can use a regular barbell with the GR7000 system and use the weight rests as spotters if you lose control of the barbell. The GR7000 also has two individual high-pulley cables, one on each side of the lat pulldown station.


Neither the GR7000 nor the Platinum Smith system includes resistance. You need Olympic weight plates to use with either gym. Slide these plates on the cable weight carriage or on the Smith bar. If you use the weight rests on the GR7000, you need a separate barbell. Both gyms include a lat bar, a chain, cable clips and weight clips. The GR7000 also includes standard D-handles.


You can do dozens of exercises with either gym. With the Smith bar, you can do squats, overhead presses, bent-over rows and chest presses. With the cable system, you can do preacher curls, lat pulldowns, leg extensions and chest flys. The GR7000, which has the individual cable handles and the free barbell weight rests, allows you to do some exercise variations that you can't do on the Platinum Smith system. However, you can still do plenty of exercises on either gym.