The Best Basketball Insoles

Fact Checked

Tom Schmucker/Hemera/Getty Images

Basketball players feet take a bashing. While a good fit goes a long way to protect the feet from injury, the right insole can add to a player's comfort and stability. The best insoles should offer shock absorption, stabilize the foot and support the arches. Custom-fitted insoles mold to fit each player's unique foot formation.

Searching for Your Insole

Basketball players' most common injuries are frequently due to inadequate foot care, which includes footwear and insoles. First, look for a basketball-specific insole that provides extra cushioning at the base of the heel. This feature will help absorb the shock going through the feet through repeated jumping. Shock absorption also reduces muscle fatigue in the lower limbs. Cushioned insoles provide stabilization that minimize wear and tear on the balls of the feet and protect the heels. The best insoles provide arch support. Stress and impact vibrations through the arch are sources of knee, feet and ankle injuries. However, the ultimate in basketball insoles are the ones that use custom-fitted technology. These insoles mold to the individual's unique foot shape.