Exercises to Strengthen the Rear Deltoid

Exercises to Strengthen the Rear Deltoid

Rear deltoid exercises work your shoulder muscles. The deltoids are the pivotal link between your arms and chest. When exercising, many people perform workouts for the shoulders that include the trapezius muscles, as well as the front and side deltoids. Unfortunately, the rear deltoids are often neglected. Adding some exercises for your rear deltoids to your workout will provide you with a full upper body workout.

Bent Over Lateral Raise

Grab a pair of dumbbells, bend over at your waist and spread your feet so they are shoulder-width apart. To prevent excess strain on your lower back, keep your knees bent slightly. Slightly bend your elbows while holding your dumbbells in front of you at arms length. Position your hands so your palms are facing each other. Use the strength generated by your upper back to lift the dumbbells back and up in a semicircular arc. Lift the dumbbells as far as you can. Hold the raised position for one second. Bring the dumbbells down to the beginning position and repeat. Do two sets of 10 lateral raises.

Face Pulls

This exercise uses a cable pulley machine and the rope attachment. Sit up straight on the pulley machine and press your feet against the foot rest. Grab the rope using either an underhand or overhand grip and pull it in toward your face. Your elbows should be high as you reach the top of your movement. As you maintain a high chest, squeeze your shoulder blades together to contract your rear deltoid muscles. Perform two sets of 10 face pulls.

Upright Barbell Row

Grab onto a barbell using an overhand grip while your hands are less than shoulder-distance apart. Extend your arms, slightly bend your elbows and allow the bar to rest on your upper thighs. Breathe out and lift the bar using the sides of your shoulders while lifting your elbows up and out. Raise the bar until it is close to your chin while keeping the bar in near your body. Pause for one count at the top of the lift. Exhale and lower the bar back down to your upper thigh. Perform three sets of eight upright barbell rows.

Exercise Ball Rear Raises

Sit on an exercise ball with your knees bent to a 90-degree angle and bend your chest down to your knees. Keep your head and back level with the floor. Begin by holding a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing in, and position them under each leg. Raise the dumbbells until your palms are completely facing the floor, hold for a moment and lower the weights. Ensure that your arms maintain a slight bend throughout the movement. Perform two sets of 10 rear raises.