Top 10 Hockey Sticks

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Hockey sticks come in so many varieties that it can difficult to choose the stick that will give you the best performance. Some players prefer a wooden stick to a composite, while others combine the two to create a stick made up of a composite shaft and a wooden blade. Select a stick that is both flexible and durable so you can maximize your shot speed while not worrying about breaking your stick.

Reebok 8.0.8 O-Stick

Reebok created an innovative design for the O-Stick not seen in any other sticks on the market. The O-Stick has eight "Power Ports" in the shaft of the stick to allow more air flow to go through the stick, reducing 31 percent more drag. The result is a faster stick speed and more power in the shot and in handling the puck.


The CCM U+ CL, or "Crazy Light", is one of the lightest sticks on the market at 417 g. This is a well-balanced, light stick made from a multi-directional fiber weave with a foamcore center to help dampen the vibrations of the puck. The U+ CL has an increased slash zone to protect the stick.

Easton Stealth S19

The S19 still has the elliptical profile, but it is thicker, making the stick a bit stiffer. The thickening of the elliptical profile helps eliminate the torque from the lower shaft and the blade, making your shot more accurate. Easton put a stiffer foam in the blade of the S19 to tighten the blade and help eliminate movement when shooting.

Sher-Wood T90

The Sher-Wood T90 has an ergonomically designed shaft to fit comfortably in the player's hands and minimize hand fatigue while playing. The shaft has a 4-inch area that can be cut without affecting the stick's flex. The T90 has a feature that allows the stick to adapt to the player's hand positioning to deliver the most power on slap and wrist shots.

Reebok 11K Sickick III

The 11K Sickick III has increased durability and power generation compared to the 10K model and is a lightweight stick. The extra power comes from the low kickpoint of the stick, which gives more spring when you take a shot. Reebok says this produces 8 percent higher power than other sticks on the market.

Bauer Supreme TotalOne

The Supreme TotalOne is available in a grip and non-grip design and is made for slap shots and one-timers. The stick has concave walls and less rounded corners as well as a mid-kickpoint to give greater flex and more power on slap shots. The Tac-Spiral feature puts bumps on the corners of the stick to fit your hands and allow the lower hand to have more control during the shot.

Warrior Dolomite DD

The Warrior Dolomite DD is a hybrid between a smooth stick and a grip stick. The shaft tapers toward the blade, resulting in a low-kickpoint. The Double-D blade technology fuses two different types of foam in the blade, placing a heavier foam in the heel and a lighter foam in the toe to help dampen the vibration and give the stick balance.

Easton Synergy E50

Easton took a traditional stick and made it customizable. The Focus Weight Technology is visible in the heel of the blade of the stick, where Easton placed a 15 g weight. The weight helps decrease the blade's distortion, increasing accuracy, and helps keep the blade on the ice, helping with one-timers. The butt-end of the stick has additional, customizable weights to help balance the feel of the stick.

Bauer Vapor X60

The shaft features the Vapor Taper with a two-directional taper resulting in a low-kickpoint. The expanded throat angle adds strength to the blade and adds rigidity, resulting in more accurate shots. This stick features the Intelli-Sense shot technology that alters your flex point depending on your hand position.

Warrior Kronik

The Warrior Kronik is one of the lightest sticks on the market, weighing in at 420 g. The Spine Technology is found in the blade and the lower shaft and helps reinforce the stick and help guard against slashes. The Kronik has an ultra low taper, which moves the kickpoint lower, resulting in a quick release and more accurate shot.