The Job Duties of a Soccer Coach

The Job Duties of a Soccer Coach

Whether you've signed on to be a volunteer coach for your child's soccer league or you're being paid to be a professional coach for a school or private league, the job duties of a soccer coach are basically the same. As a soccer coach, you're responsible for the safety and well-being of your players, while ensuring they follow all league rules. While you certainly want your team to win, shaping your players to be the best that they can be should occupy most of your time and efforts.

Practices and Drills

As the coach of a soccer team, you're not only responsible for planning practices, but running the drills and ensuring your players improve, notes the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. Through the first few practices and games, it should become clear to you the dynamic of the team and what the players need to work on the most. Whether it's defense, shooting or passing, you can run drills that allow your players to hone their skills to become more proficient on the field. You'll also instruct your players in the correct way to stretch before games and various plays that you'll employ in the game.

Strategy and Plays

When your team is playing against another, it will be your job as a coach to analyze the other team and develop a strategy for defeating them. For instance, if they have a strong offense and a weak defense, concentrate on your own offense in order to exploit the team's weakness to win. The plays that you've drilled during your practices will serve you well as you explain them to your players. Of course, coaches for children's teams may not be so intense with strategy and play calling.

Rule Enforcement

Every soccer league has its own rules, regulations and policies. Whether it's the type of equipment your team is required to wear or rules regarding respectful conduct, your job as the coach is to ensure that your players are adhering to those rules, notes the Dynamo Soccer website. Failure to follow rules could result in suspension and eventual expulsion from the leagues, so it's important you explain the rules to your players, check frequently and reprimand for broken rules.

Scheduling and Transportation

The league will likely plan when and where various teams will compete against each other, so you'll be responsible for scheduling practices and ensuring that your team is present for each game and tournament. Depending on your resources, you may have a team bus or carpool system in place to ensure that your team is where it needs to be to play.