The Best Olympic Curl Bars

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The biceps curl is a fundamental strength training exercises that targets the biceps brachii and other muscles in the upper body. While you can perform biceps curls with a variety of weights, an Olympic curl bar — commonly referred to as an EZ curl bar, revolving curl bar or bent bar — allows you to alternate grips to change the intensity of the exercise. The best Olympic curl bars are made from durable materials, with a comfortable grip weighing between 10 and 20 lbs. and measuring about 4 to 5 feet in length.

Cap Barbell

Designed with a gentle curve to the handles, the Cap Barbell solid E-Z curl bar functions to improve the overall intensity of the biceps and upper body exercises. The gentle curve decreases the impact on the wrists and elbows for injury prevention. Threaded ends along with the star-lock collars keep the 1-inch standard plates in place while performing different exercises. The Cap Barbell E-Z curl bar is made from solid steel with a chromed finish for durability and strength. The bar measures 47 inches and weighs about 12 lbs.


The Apex Olympic hollow bar kit includes an EZ curl bar, two dumbbell handles and a six-pack of collars to hold the weights on the bar. The Apex Olympic bars are ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit. They are made with a 47-inch hollow chrome steel finish, and feature a 2-year warranty. Weighing about 14 lbs., these Olympic bars fit any 2-inch plates.


Made with a black oxide steel finish, the Ivanko Olympic EZ curl bar is known for precision and accuracy, and has a 60,000 psi rating, making it durable enough for any type of fitness facility, including commercial gyms, athletic training centers and bodybuilding gyms. The Ivanko bar measures 4 feet long, weighs 20 lbs. and includes outside collars that eliminate the need for additional equipment.

Power Systems

Power Systems produces a wide variety of fitness equipment, but the pro Olympic curl bar is among its top Olympic curl bars. It is made with zinc-plated aluminum materials, and features ball bearings for a smooth range of motion during an exercise. The textured rubber grips improve comfort and ergonomics while lifting heavy weights to reduce the chance for blisters. The bar measures 50 inches and weighs 20 lbs.