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Agility & Speed Drills in Baseball

Agility and speed drills in baseball are designed to improve baserunning speed and the ability to react to balls quickly on defense. For offensive players, these drills are designed to improve reaction time at the plate. Agility and speed drills range from short sprint drills to resistance parachute drills.

Three-Hurdle Drill

According to baseball trainer Mark Verstegen, the Three-Hurdle Drill will improve foot speed, indirectly improving your reaction time and fielding range. Place three six-inch hurdles a yard apart from each other. Straddling the first hurdle with your left foot, run laterally to your right side, jumping over each hurdle as you move to the right. Once you get over each hurdle, plant your right foot in the ground and hold this for a count of three seconds. Repeat this drill in both directions.

Basic Sprints

The Basic Sprint Drill will improve your speed on the basepaths as well as in the field. Grab two cones and place them 10 to 20 meters away from each other. On your coach's mark, sprint from the first cone to the second cone. Jog back to the first cone before repeating the sprint. To vary this sprinting exercise, you can run the sprints laterally or backwards. Perform as many sprints as you can before resting.

Ball Shuffle

The Ball Shuffle Drill is designed to improve your agility and footwork as a pitcher. Stand five feet away from your coach with a baseball in your hand. On your coach's mark, run as quickly as you can towards your coach, handing him the baseball. As soon as he receives the ball, backpedal towards your original position. Your coach will toss the ball to either your right or left side. Shuffle toward the ball, field it and return it to the coach. Repeat until fatigued.

Three-Ball Outfield Drill

The Three-Ball Outfield Drill will improve your speed and reaction times while in the outfield. Have your coach grab three balls and stand a few feet in front of him. On his mark, run in a straight line away from the coach, expecting a baseball to come over your right shoulder. Catch the first ball from your coach before rotating over to your left shoulder. Catch a ball over your left shoulder before rotating back to right shoulder. After catching the third ball, stop running and return to your original position.

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