Free Total Gym Exercise Routines

Total Gym, headquartered in San Diego, California, manufactures several models of its sliding exercise board system, which uses variable incline settings to provide resistance. Each Total Gym unit comes with instructional DVDs and a deck of 84 exercise cards that attach to the machine for viewing as you learn the exercises. Free workout routines using the cards or video clips are available on the Total Gym website. To perform the long stretch series, attach the Pilates foot bar accessory and set the glide board at a low height.


Place both hands on the foot bar and step onto the middle of the glide board with your feet flat. Shift your hips back and extend your torso and arms long, similar to a Downward Dog pose in yoga. Inhale as you open your hips and press the glide board back about 12 inches. Exhale as you hollow your belly and close the glide board. Perform 10 repetitions, keeping your heels down as you move. This exercise stretches the back of your body while you work on your abs.

Knee Stretch

Kneel at the front of the glide board and place your hands on the foot bar. Round your back and lower your hips close to your heels. Your hip joint should be farther back than your knee joint. Inhale as you open your hips to push the glide board back. Exhale as you round your back, tuck your knees and close the glide board. Repeat this movement, pistoning your legs back and forth 10 times. Do not allow your hips to drop and rise during the movement.

Long Stretch

Kneel in the middle of the glide board and place your hands on the foot bar. Orient your shoulders over your hands. Curl your toes under, lift your torso up and extend your legs back into a push-up position. Inhale as you press the glide board back by opening your armpits. Draw your navel in and keep your torso long. Exhale as you close the glide board by closing your armpits. Repeat the long stretch movement five times.

Up Stretch

Stand on the glide board in the elephant position, with your hands on the foot bar. Shift your hips back to stretch your hamstrings. Shift your body forward into a push-up position with your torso balanced over the foot bar. Allow your heels to rise up in this position. Open your armpits, shifting the glide board back. Pike your hips up to close the glide board. Repeat the up-stretch movement five times.

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