Instruction Manual for the Total Gym Ultra

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The Total Gym Ultra is a relatively basic version of the Total Gym. It doesn't come with a squat rack or toe bar but does have a pullup attachment, dip bars and leg attachment. Although this model is discontinued, it still pops up in garage sales and classified ads from time to time. Its actual operation, including setup, takedown and exercises, is much like that of the Total Gym 1100.

Set-Up Instructions

Your Total Gym Ultra comes fully assembled. To set it up, stand it on end with the crossbars down and the rail hinge facing up. Support the gym near the hinge, careful not to pinch your fingers, as you slide the crossbars apart until the whole thing lies flat. Remove the safety lock pin from the bottom of the vertical column, currently nested between the support rails. Pull out on the spring-loaded knob as you rotate the vertical column upright, then release the knob so it locks back in place. Put the safety lock pin back into its hole at the bottom of the vertical column.

Adjusting the Resistance

You adjust the resistance on your Total Gym Ultra by changing the angle of its incline rails; the higher the incline, the more resistance you'll get. To adjust the incline, stand on the crossbar at the base of the vertical column. Remove the height adjustment pin from the top of the incline rails, raise or lower the near end of the rails up to the desired height and re-insert the height adjustment pin to lock the whole thing in place.

Basic Use

To use the Total Gym Ultra, sit or lie on the padded glideboard and grasp the pulley handles. Then, push or pull on the handles; this slides the glideboard up the rails, with your body weight on the glideboard as resistance. The Total Gym Ultra's attachments allow you to change the angle of your pull or push, which in turn changes which muscles you're working. Attach the wing attachment near the vertical column for pullups or leg curls -- if you lie face-up on the glideboard. Attach the dip bars near the middle of the rails for triceps dips. The Total Gym Ultra doesn't have a squat stand, but you can use the leg-pulley attachment for exercises like hip adduction.

Fold-Up Instructions

Once you're done using the Total Gym Ultra, remove any accessories or attachments and set them aside. Set the Total Gym to its lowest incline -- flat -- and slide the glideboard all the way to the far end of the rails. Remove the safety lock pin at the base of the vertical column. Pull out on the spring-loaded knob, also at the base of the column, as you lower the column between the incline rails. Reinsert the safety lock pin at the base of the vertical column. Next, grasp the top edge of the glideboard -- near the middle of the gym -- and gently pull it up to vertical as the whole Total Gym hinges in the middle, folding in on itself.