Total Gym 1000 Assembly Instructions


Like all Total Gym products, the now-discontinued Total Gym 1000 arrives at your door fully assembled. But that doesn’t mean it’s ready for immediate use. You still have to “assemble” the Total Gym, deploying it into exercise mode from the compact, folded storage mode it arrived in. This is the same process you must go through every time you retrieve your Total Gym from storage.

Lay your folded Total Gym 1000 on the floor, glideboard facing up. There should be plenty of free space to either end of the Total Gym; when fully deployed, it measures 88 inches long, 44 inches high and slightly more than 16 inches wide.

Tilt the Total Gym up so that it rests on its rollers. Spread the front and back rollers apart slightly so that the Total Gym is stable.

Place one hand near the center of the frame. Put your other hand near the back edge of the frame. The back edge is the part that’s furthest away from the glideboard. Slowly pull the back edge out, unfolding the frame until it lays flat. Support the frame by lifting up in the middle to keep it from falling suddenly; take care to keep your hand away from the frame’s moving parts.

Locate the small hitch pins to either side of where the vertical column, which is currently folded between the rails, meets the rest of the frame. Pull these pins out, grasp the vertical column and pull up until it sits upright. Then replace the hitch pins in the frame.

Extract the C-pin from the height adjustment brackets, or locate it if it’s not currently inserted in the brackets. Grasp the rails and lift them up along the vertical support column until the hole in the rail bracket lines up with the desired hole in the vertical column. Place one foot on the crossbar, as you do this, to keep the Total Gym from lifting off the floor.

Insert the C-pin through the height adjustment bracket and the hole in the vertical support column, then push the pin’s body down against the column to lock it into place.


Your glideboard should already be connected to the pulleys, but check to verify this before using your Total Gym 1000 for the first time. There should be a center pulley clipped to the top end of the glideboard. The cable ends should run through this pulley, up to a secondary pulley at the top of the rails, then out to the pulley handles.