Step-by-Step Instructions for Total Gym Setup

    Lay the product on the floor with the glideboard facing up and shifted as far toward the front crossbar as possible.

    Lift the Total Gym by the top of its rails, and open the unit about 12 inches at the bottom so that it rests on the front and back crossbars.

    Grip the Total Gym by the top of the glideboard and slowly spread the unit out so that it again lays flat on the floor.

    Remove the safety hitch pin located near the bottom of the vertical column, just above the back crossbar.

    Stand behind the back crossbar and pull the spring-loaded pin knob located on the left rail. While holding the pin knob, raise the vertical column. Release the pin knob to lock the column in place.

    Place one foot on the back crossbar to hold the unit down, then raise the rails so that the holes on the rails line up with the lowest hole on the height adjustment column.

    Insert the height adjustments "C" pin, which is tethered to the rails, into the height adjustment column from the back and push the pin down so it lies flat against the column.

    Locate the stopper bolt and remove the nut from the end. Insert the bolt into the hole at the center of the back crossbar and turn the provided Allen wrenches clockwise to screw on the nut.


  • Always be careful when moving or unfolding the Total Gym. Go slowly to avoid pinching your fingers.

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