ParaBody CM3 Gym Exercises

Fitness Equipment

When equipping a home gym, beginners might be able to get by with one or two sets of dumbbells and a stationary bike. If you're a bit more advanced and used to having the health club's equipment at your disposal, you may be inclined to spend more money on bigger, advanced equipment that can provide more of a complete workout. The ParaBody CM3, for example, is a piece of equipment that works your full body.

How the Equipment Works

The ParaBody CM3 works like the cable and weight-stack equipment in the gym. A stack of weights sits at the back of the machine with cables attached to various handles and padded levers, which you use to perform gym exercises for most of the muscle groups in your body. You place a pin into a slot in the weight stack below the amount of weight you want to lift; press, pull or push; and then use the handles or levers to perform the exercises.

Blast Your Back and Biceps

Curls are the bread and butter of a biceps workout, so it's logical that the manufacturers of the ParaBody fitness equipment would ensure that you could perform at least a standing biceps curl. You can also do reverse biceps curls and, because this equipment works with handles instead of levers, you can work one arm at a time to do one-arm biceps curls. Working your back requires using some of the additional accessories that come with the equipment. You can do lat pulldowns and low rows, one arm at a time or using both arms and adjusting your grip to wide or narrow.

Train Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

On chest day, you can perform a list of pressing exercises on the ParaBody CM3 to target your pectorals, including basic chest presses as well as decline and incline presses. You can also do flyes, either with both arms at once or with one arm at a time so you can focus on improving form and strength if one side of your pecs is weaker than the other. Many people work their shoulders and triceps along with their chest, but you can work them any day you prefer, doing moves such as lateral raises, shoulder shrugs, front raises and rear-deltoid exercises, in addition to internal and external rotations. You can also work the back of your arms with triceps extensions, using one arm at a time or both simultaneously.

Ample Abs and Leg Exercises

If strengthening your abs and legs is a deal breaker when it comes to choosing equipment, you're in luck with the ParaBody CM3. Using the handles as ankle cuffs or just engaging the padded levers, you can perform leg extensions, standing curls, hip extensions and hip adductions and abductions, to work your inner and outer thighs. The ParaBody CM3 can also help you do abdominal crunches to build a six-pack, and your obliques can get in on the action with twists.