What Is the Optimum Duration for a Weight-Lifting Workout?

Barry Austin/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Whether you're new to the gym or a seasoned weight-lifting vet, it can be difficult to determine the optimal amount of time you should spend performing resistance-training workouts. It may seem like longer is better, but the quality of your workout will drop off the longer it lasts. According to bodybuilding expert Jason Ferruggia, you should aim to keep your total workout time under 60 minutes. With a little planning, you can still get a killer workout without dedicating a big chunk of your day to exercise.

Planning Workouts

Make the most of your hour in the gym by maximizing training intensity. Perform circuit training or high-intensity resistance training by limiting rest between sets to less than a minute. Plan your training split so you know exactly which body parts you're scheduled to train on a given day, and enter the gym with a clear plan of attack. The more days you train, the fewer muscle groups you'll have to exercise for each workout, and the more focus you'll be able to give to each without going beyond your 60-minute window.