Cristiano Ronaldo's Speed & Strength Training


Soccer players, such as superstar athlete Cristiano Ronaldo, are known for their quickness on the soccer field. This sport also requires endurance and strength so players can maintain their abilities throughout the game, not only for the first half. If you aspire to play soccer like Cristiano Ronaldo, remember to combine your workout program with a healthy diet to fuel your body for top performance.


When you play soccer, you have moments when you have to sprint to reach the ball before your opponent. Cristiano Ronaldo uses interval training to improve his speed, according to Muscle Prodigy. You can add interval training to your workouts by combining intervals of increased pace with intervals of recovery. For example, during a walk or jog, increase your pace to a jog or run for two minutes. Follow that speed interval with two minutes of a recovery pace before you increase your intensity again. Another option is to triple your recovery interval. If you run for one minute, you will walk for three.


During a soccer game, Ronaldo runs up and down the soccer field. Even if he does not have contact with the ball, he has to maintain his position with his teammates. This type of running requires a high endurance level. You can improve your endurance with aerobic activities. These include not only running but also cycling, swimming, roller skating and rowing. The goal with endurance training is to maintain a steady pace for 30 to 45 minutes. As your endurance improves, aim to increase your speed and cover more ground over the same 30- to 45-minute duration.


When Ronaldo plays soccer, he uses his core for every movement. Your core provides the axis upon which your body moves, so the stronger your core is, the stronger your movements. A front toss with a medicine ball will improve the strength of your core and has the added benefit of strengthening your legs. A medicine ball is a weighted ball that comes in various weight amounts. If you are a beginner, select a lighter weight. The front toss begins with the medicine ball on the floor between your feet as you are standing. Perform the exercise by jumping up with the ball between your feet and tossing it to your hands while you are in the air. After you catch the ball, drop it between your feet and repeat.


To improve his strength, Ronaldo uses plyometric exercises. Plyometrics are jumping exercises designed to improve strength and power. You use jumping during soccer when you reach for the ball with your head or body. You can add plyometrics to your workout program such as jumping onto a box and then stepping down before you jump again. Other plyometric exercises include sideways jumping over a set of cones.