How to Tie Basketball Shoes


Good basketball players are quick on their feet. They must be able to change directions quickly and run and jump throughout the game. Basketball shoes help the player by providing support and protection to the foot and ankle. Properly tying the shoes keeps them snug against the foot while the player moves up and down the court. Shoes that suddenly become untied are a safety hazard that can cause dangerous falls and trips.

Make sure that the shoes are laced properly. The laces should be in a criss-cross pattern going through each eyelet. Start at the top of the shoes and pull on the laces to make sure they are snug.

Start a balanced reef knot by crossing the left lace over the right lace, then pull the left lace under the right. Pull the laces firmly against the shoe.

Make a loop with the lace on the left, and hold the bottom of the loop between the thumb and pointer finger.

Circle the lace on the right around over the bottom of the loop on the left. Tuck it under and pull it through to create a second loop.

Pull each loop firmly until the knot is tight. Check to make sure that the laces and the loops are not too long and tangling near the bottom of the shoe. The knot should rest sideways across the top of the shoe. If the knot is angled or perpendicular, the knot is unbalanced and will not be as effective.

Double tie the laces to reduce the chances of the shoe becoming untied. Simply cross the left loop over the right and pull it under.


Make sure your laces are the proper length. If they are too long they will drag the floor and easily come untied. Laces that are too short are difficult to tie properly.


Always retie your basketball shoes as soon as possible if they become untied during a game.