How to Shift a 7-Speed Trek Bicycle

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Trek is a manufacturer that specializes in bikes designed for commuting. The company’s focus group is those who use their bike as a major source of transportation to support green living. The shifting process on a seven-speed Trek bike is similar to most other systems. Trek uses Shimano shifting resources and a seven-speed would have just one gearshift to work.

Climb on your Trek bike and locate the gear-shifting device. It will probably be on the right side. The shifter may be built into the handle on the bars as a twist mechanism or it can be a shifting lever.

Ride the bike around slowly to get a feel for the pedal tension. Move the shift either one number up or down while you pedal forward.

Listen for the derailleur to activate. Seven-speed bikes have just one derailleur on the rear wheel. You will hear the derailleur move and then the chain change to the next gear. Pedal for a while after the speed change. If the pedals feel too tense, move the shifter down one number. If they are too loose, move up another level.

Repeat the process until you feel the ride and pedal strength is comfortable. Keep the speed at this level when you ride. When you need the pedals to move with less tension, change the shifter down. For example, if riding uphill, you may change the gears to make the trip easier.


The biggest difference between a Trek seven-speed bike and other bikes is the number of shifters. A seven-speed has only one sprocket near the pedals. Bikes with more gears may have up to three. Since there is no front derailleur, there is no need for a second shifter on the handlebars. Other than that, the shifting process is the same as most bikes.