Bleacher Exercises

Snow on stadium bleachers

Even if you belong to a gym, the outdoors can beckon when the sun comes out. Consider heading to a stadium for a challenging and efficient bleacher workout. It's like a stair machine without any buttons and with lots of fresh air. Four routines will keep your options fresh.

Intervals Plus Abs

Warm up by walking around the track for five minutes or walking up and down the bleacher steps. After the warm-up, gradually pick up your speed until you are climbing the steps at about 70 percent of your maximum exertion, or level 7, and hold this intensity for five minutes. Sprint up and down the steps as fast as you are able for one minute, then stop. Use the steps to perform a side plank pose. Hold for 30 seconds to two minutes per side. Repeat this cycle three times before cooling down.


After your five-minute warm-up, jump up bleacher steps with both feet together until you reach the top, one step at a time. Do side squats across the top to the next section of steps, then lightly jog back down to ground level. Do side shuffles across the bottom back to your starting position. Repeat several times until you are ready to cool down. Plyometric exercises such as this strengthen muscle power and your ability to react quickly. This training is ideal for athletes such as boxers, skiers, tennis players, basketball players and soccer goalkeepers, as well as for people just starting to work out.


Warm up with a light jog around the track, then climb bleacher seats while lunging with each step. Keep your front knee behind your toes while you keep your rear knee toward the bleachers and your chest up. When you come down the bleachers, turn to your side for squats as you descend. Keep your weight on the heels of your feet, not on your toes. Lunge back up, then come down on the opposite side. Run around the track between sets and walk for a few minutes to cool down.


Warm up by going up and down the bleacher steps for a few minutes, then pick up your speed to level 7 for three minutes. Stop at the bottom and use the bottom step for as many pushups as you can do. Climb steps at level 7 for three minutes. Stop at the bottom of the bleachers for tricep dips off the bench. Continue with your dips until you cannot perform any more. Climb steps for three minutes. Use the bottom seat for abdominal knee-tucks -- as many as you can do. Inhale when your knees come in to your chest; exhale as your feet tap the bleachers. Repeat the circuits and cool down. Circuit training is one of the most effective forms of exercise, incorporating resistance training and cardiovascular development, and burning a substantial number of calories all at the same time.


Working out on bleachers requires a high level of fitness and a good deal of balance. If you suffer from vertigo or have other balance issues, do not attempt to work out on steps. Always speak with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.