At-Home Ways to Improve at Basketball


Whether you are on a basketball team or play as a leisure activity, increasing your skills will help build your confidence level and improve your performance in games. If you are looking to improve your game, practicing at home can be the most convenient way to do so. You can perform drills and work on moves at home to make yourself a better player when you take your game to the gym or playground.

Designate an area to practice and install a basketball goal. Find an area with a solid foundation, such as a cement driveway. You also want to choose a place that will be large enough to suit your plans and basketball needs.

Practice passing the ball. You can throw to another person or to a marked spot on a wall. Do this repeatedly until you get tired. With each pass, concentrate on hitting the spot every time. This will increase your passing skills, as well as strengthen your arm and wrist muscles to make you a better basketball player.

Dribble the basketball for significant periods of time. An indicator of whether you have practiced this skill enough is attempting to dribble the ball without looking at it. Also, you should practice dribbling with each hand to build strength in your weaker hand.

Take shots that you would attempt in a game. Stand where the three-point line is or would be and practice shooting the ball. Make every shot an aggressive shot. Your power should come from your legs, not your arms.

Develop your rebounding skills by getting your hands ready. This can be practiced at home by starting on the right side of the basket and holding the ball with two hands. Jump and throw the ball to hit the backboard as hard as you can three times in a row. Jump a fourth time and throw the ball into the basket. Change sides and repeat four times. Keep the ball overhead during the drill.


Watch accomplished basketball players for tips.