How to Do the Shake & Bake Basketball Move

San Antonio Spurs v Los Angeles Clippers

The shake and bake move requires tremendous agility and ball-handling skill, but it can result in a spectacular layup if you can pull it off. The original shake and bake featured a stop-and-go front crossover move, but as the crossover dribble became more common, the shake and bake evolved into a more challenging behind-the-back move.

Dribble forward toward the defender.

Jump stop, planting both feet on the floor. Bounce the ball behind your back, from one hand to the other.

Flip the ball behind your back, in the air, to your original hand.

Stride forward around the defender and lay the ball into the basket. Alternatively, jump forward and land on both feet, then shoot the ball.


Perform the move when you're on a fast break, or when you have some space around you. Otherwise, any defender who is close behind you will have a chance to knock the ball away when you perform the crossover behind your back.

Both feet must be on the floor when you do the crossover. If one foot is off the floor you may be called for traveling when you lift your pivot foot moving forward.

Don't try the move until you're close to the basket, because you can only take one or two steps forward after doing the crossover, depending on how aggressively your referees make traveling calls.


Practice the move on your own until you can do it without thinking before you try it on the court.