Fun Field Hockey Drills


Field hockey drills are designed to improve your scoring and defensive abilities. In addition to basic offensive and defensive fundamentals, fun field hockey drills can help improve your formations and positioning during the course of a game.


This diamond drill is designed to improve your passing and defensive skills. Have four players stand in a diamond formation on the field. Have two additional players stand in the middle of the diamond. The players facing each other within the diamond formation are on the same team as one player in the center of the diamond. Give the ball to one of the players who makes up the diamond. Have him attempt to pass the ball either to his teammate in the middle of the diamond or directly across to his teammate on the opposing corner. If the pass makes it across to his teammate, his team gets one point. If the opponent in the middle of the diamond stops the ball before it gets across, no point is awarded. The ball is then given to the other team and it gets a chance to pass the ball to the other side of the diamond. The first team to five wins.

Square Scoring

This drill is designed to improve your one-on-one scoring and defense. Mark out a 10-by-10-yard square with four plastic cones. Have two players line up, one on each side of the square. These sides will be considered goals. To start the drill, throw a ball into the center of the square. Have both players run out to gain possession of the ball. The first player to get it across their opponent's goal is the winner of the drill.

Off the Ball

This drill is designed to improve your players' ability to move off of the ball and transition during a fast break. Place four cones on the field, each 10 yards apart. Have five players clump together in the center of this square. With a ball in the middle of the clump, blow your whistle. Once the whistle is blown, four of the players run to different cones. Have the player who stayed in the center of the square pass a ball to one of the four players. Repeat the drill until a pass has been executed between the center player and each of the four players.

Long Shot

This drill can help improve your long-distance scoring. Have a goalie line up in front of a net. Walk 25 feet away from the goal and place a ball on the ground. Have an offensive player step up to the ball. He takes 10 shots from this position. As his accuracy improves, place the ball an additional 5 feet away from the net. Repeat until the shot is out of his range.