Trek Bike Frame Size


Trek specializes in durable mountain bikes that can withstand rugged backcountry trails and high-impact jumps. While no two riders have the same physical dimensions, Trek offers its signature bike frames in a variety of sizes. Test the different sizes of the Trek bike frames to ensure you can comfortably reach the handlebar grips and pedals.


The small-size Trek frame is designed for novice bikers and those with a smaller stature. According to Trek, its signature small frame features a seat tube length of 16.1 inches. Each of the Trek mountain bike frames comes with a standard bottom bracket height of 13.9 inches. To ensure a balanced riding stance on a downhill terrain, the seat of the small Trek frame is positioned at a 72-degree angle. The top tube is 22.5 inches long.


If the dimensions of the small Trek frame seem too compact, upgrade to a medium-size frame. The medium frame features a top tube length of 23.1 inches. The seat tube measures 17.2 inches. Trek equipped its medium-size frame with a stand-over height of 30.2 inches. Stand over the top tube to ensure there is enough clearance between your body and the frame.


The large Trek frame is designed for riders who have an above-average stature. According to Trek, the frame is equipped with a 24.1-inch top tube. Each of the Trek frames is equipped with a standard-size chain stay that measures 17.4 inches. The seat tube of the large Trek frame has a length of 17.2 inches. The head tube of the large frame has a length of 4.9 inches.


If you have an exceptionally large stature, you may want to test one of the upgraded frames offered by Trek. The X-large Trek frame features a top tube length of 24.9 inches. The seat tube has a length of 19 inches. Trek's X-large frame features a wheelbase of 48.2 inches. The head tube has a standard length of 4.9 inches. The headset of the X-large Trek frame is tilted at a 64-degree angle.