How to Dip Shoot a Football


Soccer, or what is known as football in most countries, is a sport that puts a premium on players who can score. Most soccer games are low scoring affairs so finding a player with talent to kick the ball and score regularly can help a team win games. Players who can make the soccer ball dip or bend are better able to score since the dip can go around defenders and make it tougher for the goalie to touch.

Run to or approach the ball with your standard approach but take an angle slightly to the inside of your target. Inside means that if your target is the middle of the goal, then you should approach slightly to the left if you are kicking with your right foot and slightly to the right if you are kicking with your left foot.

Point your non-kicking foot and body towards your target as you stop, plant your feet and prepare to kick the ball. By making sure you are kicking towards your target, the ball will travel in the direction you intended.

Kick the ball with the top or inside of the instep of your foot. World Cup Soccer Videos says that the laces of your shoe should contact the ball during the kick. The Barefootballer website notes that your ankle should be locked in an up and down position, which helps to impart spin on the ball and adds to the knuckle or dipping action.

Stop your follow through short or early instead of taking a full high follow through with your kicking leg. According to World Cup Soccer Videos, this helps to create the dip and top spin action on the soccer ball.