How to Shoot an Accurate Shot in Soccer

Two boys playing football

Learning to shoot accurately in soccer can be intimidating at first, but with enough practice and dedication, you will improve at finding the back of the net. The keys to an accurate soccer shot are the understanding and mastering of the mechanics and limits of your body’s form. Unless you have a natural shot, it takes significant practice to ensure your body’s posture and movement are exactly where they need to be to take accurate shots in soccer.

Visualize where you are going to shoot the ball. Before taking your shot, look at the goal and the goalkeeper’s position within the goal. Choose to aim your shot at the most exposed part of the net.

Learn to position your supporting leg. You may have a powerful soccer shot, but without the proper support and position of your standing leg, your shots will be wild and inaccurate. Where you place your foot and how much bend you keep in your supporting leg not only affects the accuracy of the shot, but also how high the ball will travel toward the goal. To keep the ball low and ensure accuracy, place your supporting foot directly in line next to the ball, with your toe pointing straight ahead. This will keep the ball’s trajectory from veering off course. If you choose to shoot right or left, position the supporting foot’s toe to point in that direction. If you want the ball to travel higher through the air, place the supporting foot a little farther back than on level with the ball.

Position your upper body correctly. Your shoulders and arms, when positioned properly, help with the accuracy of your soccer shot. When shooting the ball low, you want to lean your upper body slightly over the ball, slightly swinging your arms out for balance as you shift your kicking leg down and forward toward the ball. For higher shots, when placing your supporting leg a little behind the ball, lean your upper body back slightly, keeping the same swivel motion in your arms and hips.

Keep your eyes on the ball. Do not look up or ahead at the goal when shooting. The only time your eyes should be off the ball when taking your shot is right before, when finding your target. Keeping your eye on the ball helps place your kicking foot accurately.

Take your shot. Once you have mastered the positioning of your supporting leg and upper body, swing your shooting leg down and forward, striking through the middle or top half of the ball. Let your leg follow through completely without hesitation to avoid wild shots. You can control the type of shot you take by using different parts of the foot. To get the most powerful and accurate shot, use the inside, or instep, of your foot. If you are shooting the ball off a volley, the top of the foot is normally used.