How to Grip a Basketball With One Hand

Close up Basketball

Palming a basketball helps you control it, but it’s not necessary most of the time. For example, you should use only your fingers while dribbling, shooting and passing. But palming is important in some situations. Players who dunk often palm the ball because they can reach farther with one arm than they can with two. This allows them to stretch over competitors and perform one-handed dunks. To palm the ball, your hand must be large enough to span the ball. Also, you must have a strong grip to keep the ball in position.

Wipe your hands with a towel. Perspiration makes your hands slippery. Also, wipe the ball if it is wet or greasy.

Spread your fingers across the ball and grip it. If you have trouble, line your fingers up with the seams, which might be easier for you to grip.

Move your hand back and forth to get comfortable holding the ball. The goal is to maintain a stable grip no matter how fast you move your hand.

Incorporate palming into your playing style. For example, hold the ball tightly with one hand while you shoot a layup or perform a dunk.


Strength training can improve your gripping power. For example, hold a dumbbell at your side for a long time or use a gripper, which is a device that requires you to contract two handles separated by a powerful spring. But the most effective way to improve your palming is to practice often. Palm the ball while you walk, watch television or perform other activities. Over time, your grip will improve and you will be able to palm the ball more effectively.