Top 10 Ab Exercise DVDs

Exercise DVDs mean you can exercise in the privacy of your own home.

If you want a tight, toned tummy, it’s time to hit the gym — your home gym that is. Exercise DVDs are the best way to get a workout in the comfort of your own home. With no membership fees, no commute to the gym and no other people competing for space, your home gym is one of the most comfortable places to workout.

But with hundreds of DVDs on the marketplace, how do you choose the best one? Here are some of your top options for finding the best gut-busting, fat-blasting and ab-toning workout systems wrapped into 10 perfect DVD packages.

1. Kathy Smith Tummy Trimmer

Leading at-home fitness DVD goddess, Kathy Smith, focuses this DVD series on your troubled tummy area. In this DVD series, Kathy packs in five different ab workouts that last 10 minutes each.

While Kathy has produced dozens of DVDs, this Tummy Trimmer DVD system focuses on getting you the flat stomach you want. This workout series is good for all ages and all levels of athlete.

Let Pound Fit get your heart pounding and your abs toned.

Exercise DVDs mean you can exercise in the privacy of your own home.


Get your (weighted) drumsticks ready and get ready to rock with POUND Rockout Results System. This group fitness class and DVD, inspired by drumming, lets you pound away the extra pounds with workouts that mimic playing the drums.

The program comes complete with nine workouts and your own set of weighted drumsticks that allow you to re-invent old ab exercises. For example, typical V-Ups now come with the added element of beating your drumsticks on the floor. The extra resistance intensifies your typical ab exercise.

Kayak abs that sculpt your obliques are amplified as you pound the weighted drumsticks side to side. The best part is how times flies when you’re having fun. Users agree that 30-minute POUND workouts leave you dripping in sweat with a smile on your face.

3. RevAbs

With former Biggest Loser trainer, Brett Hoebel leading the DVD, RevAbs promises to be your 90-day Ab Solution. Brett takes you through ab chiseling workouts that sculpt and tone while burning the fat off of your midsection. RevAbs also has an advanced workout system that includes a stability ball workout and hanging ab straps.

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4. Hip Hop Abs

Shaun T, the lovable leader of at-home fitness is at it again with this heart-pumping dance-focused workout. For those who prefer moving and grooving to crunching, Hip Hop Abs is for you.

Reviewers rave about dancing their way to great abs. You'll burn calories without feeling like you're working out. The minutes fly by while you're moving and grooving with Shaun T.

Just 21 days to sculpt some serious abs.

Exercise DVDs mean you can exercise in the privacy of your own home.

5. Autumn Calabrese’s 21-Day Fix

If you’re looking to slim down and tone up for an upcoming event, this 21-day program is for you. This full body exercise routine includes ab-sculpting workouts. 21-Day Fix is consistently rated at the top of the best seller list for fitness DVDs. Since abs are made in the kitchen, Autumn Calabrese has an easy to follow nutrition plan that focuses on easy to follow portion control, too.

6. FOCUS T25

With cardio, speed, circuit and core workouts, you will burn your way to babe-status in just 25 minutes a day. FOCUS T25 users love that the program fits into their busy schedules.

Whether they're busy businessmen and women or soccer moms, they can shred the fat off of their stomachs in only 25 minutes a day. Because you need to burn fat in order to see definition, FOCUS T25’s intense cardio is the perfect way to get defined abs.

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7. P90X

P90X is led by the legend of all at-home fitness, Tony Horton. Horton takes you through heart-pumping cardio workouts, resistance training and awesome ab workouts.

P90X’s own ab workout is titled “Ab Ripper X” and it takes you through multiple abdominal and core exercises to tighten, tone and strengthen. With ab exercises like the seated crunchy frog, ins and outs and the bicycle, P90X Ab Ripper X offers a variety of abdominal exercises to tighten up your tummy.

8. Zumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown

Zumba has been a favorite of fitness fans in gyms around the globe and now the party moves to your living room with their Incredible Slimdown DVD. This cardio pumping dance party blasts Latin sounds and quick foot dance moves to get your heart rate skyrocketing in no time.

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Jillian Michaels isn't messing around when it comes to six-pack abs.

Exercise DVDs mean you can exercise in the privacy of your own home.

9. Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack

The former Biggest Loser trainer is at it again with her 6 Week Six-Pack DVD. Known as America’s toughest trainer, Jillian and her no-nonsense attitude strive to take you from fat to flat abs.

This DVD system consists of two 30-minute workout DVD’s of two separate levels. Jillian Michaels’ 6 Week Six-Pack is a great ab DVD for beginners and more advanced exercisers. Popular fitness blog, Fat Bottomed Girls, rates this DVD 4.5 stars.

10. Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training

If you want abs that look the best, you have to train like the best. Jackie Warner, the host of Bravo’s Work Out devised an at-home fitness program incorporating her tough-love approach to training. The DVD system includes four different 15-minute workouts or one 40-minute total body circuit.

The workouts are split into multiple DVDs including Total Body, Lower Body, Upper Body and Abs. Jackie's goal is to sculpt amazing abs and her Power Circuit Training does just that. Woman’s Day rated this one of the top 21 Best Workout DVDs for Getting in Shape.

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