How Long Is the Zumba Cardio Workout?

How Long Is the Zumba Cardio Workout?

Zumba Fitness combines Latin-inspired and international music with dance steps to provide cardio workout that's more like a party. Hopefully, participants have fun, almost without noticing they are getting a good calorie burn at the same time.

Zumba workouts can be done in two ways: in a class or with a DVD. Although classes will vary in length based on the gym and the instructor, they're typically around an hour long. DVDs, on the other hand, come in a wide range of lengths.

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How Long Is the Zumba Cardio Workout?

Studio Classes

You can consider a live Zumba Fitness class a cardio workout in every sense of the word. Instructors typically provide a class lasting 55 to 60 minutes, depending on their agreement with the fitness club or dance studio they work for.

The cardio workout consists of a 5- to 10-minute warm-up and a 5-minute cool-down. The middle of the class presents up-tempo numbers that provide interval training, with intensive bursts of dancing interspersed with more moderate activity to allow you to catch your breath.

Zumba DVDs

The creators of Zumba have produced a number of DVD workouts that you can sweat through at home. The length of time each takes depends on the DVD that you choose.

For example, Zumba Blitz features three high-intensity 20-minute workouts; you can do one for a quick workout or all three for a lengthy session. Zumba Max is a 60-minute session, while Zumba Country — set to music with a Southern twang — includes two 30-minutes workouts.