Arc Trainer Benefits

Trainer and woman talking while aerobics class lifiting weights

Found in gyms and hotels across America, the Arc Trainer is a unique cardio exercise machine, the motto of which is "Better Results - Less Time." The Arc cross trainer is named after its patented advanced stride technology, which is the Reverse Arc motion. This unique design never places the user's toe behind the knee, which reduces stress to the knee joint. Another feature that is different from similar low-impact cardio machines is that the arm and leg on the same side move together, allowing for optimal posture during exercise.

Effective Calorie Burning

According to a University of Wisconsin study led by John P. Pocari, Ph.D., caloric expenditure was significantly higher on the Cybex Arc Trainer than the Precor elliptical and the Precor motion trainer, when tested over a series of 30-minute workout sessions. The conclusion of the study stated that exercising on the Arc Trainer would result in the greatest reduction of body weight in the least amount of time.

Less Joint Stress

Exercising on an Arc Trainer is an effective way to get your heart rate up in a low-impact environment. The Arc design allows you to experience complete range of motion for the knee and hip, without placing undue stress on the joints. In other low-impact exercise machines, the toe is allowed to move behind the knee, which can increase the stress on the knee joint. According to the manufacturers of the Arc Trainer, the patented stride technology moves legs in a biomechanically correct pathway.

More Muscle Engagement

The Arc Trainer comes with a wide range of variable resistance and incline as well as longer arm features than other low-impact machines. Higher inclines emulate a stepping motion and target the quadriceps muscles in the front of the upper thighs. Lower inclines with increased resistance target and tone the gluteus or butt muscles. The longer arm feature allows you to get a harder upper body workout while maintaining proper wrist alignment.

Program Variety

The Arc Trainer comes with 8 preset programs and 9 custom workouts. One program called the "Pikes Peak" simulates a series of hills. In addition, the Arc offers three different exercise zones. The lowest position is for the "glide," as in cross country skiing. The medium position is called the "stride" and the highest position is referred to as the "climb." In addition to the variety of workout programs, the Arc offers a variety of grip options. You can place your hands on two different grip features on the arms, or, for more stability, on the side rails.