Powerball Exercises

Hands of a woman holding a stress ball

The NSD Powerball is a hand-held exercise accessory. The ball-shaped device features an internal gyroscope; once this rotor is put into motion by the user, the device gently propels the user's wrist into a rotating motion. This motion generates resistance and pressure to encourage toning in the various muscles of the arm, as well as in the chest and deltoids.


To perform a biceps-toning exercise with the Powerball, stand or sit with your arm extended and bent at the elbow, forming just less than a 90-degree angle with your body. Curl your arm toward your chest and rotate the Powerball in a counterclockwise direction, using your wrist to drive the rotating motion. Throughout the exercise, keep your wrist angled toward your body just slightly.


Begin with your arm resting nearly straight at your side -- it should be slightly bent at the elbow. Keep your biceps held inward so the muscle contacts your body and hold your forearm out a bit. With the Powerball in your hand and your hand held just a bit in front of your body, rotate the ball with your wrist. Keep your pectoral muscles tightened throughout the exercise.


Extend your forearm out to the side of your body so it forms about a 45-degree angle with your torso. With the Powerball device in your hand, rotate your wrist clockwise. As you rotate, tighten the muscles in your lower forearm. To focus on the muscles of your upper forearm, tighten said muscles and rotate the ball counterclockwise with your wrist.


Deltoids are the muscles just above your biceps at the front of each shoulder. To tone this muscle, hold your biceps against your body and extend your forearm out to your side just slightly. Grasp the NSD Powerball and use your wrist to rotate the device in a clockwise direction. Focus your energy in your deltoid as you rotate.

Fingers and Wrist

NSD's Powerball also lends itself to strengthening the grip of your fingers. Use the ball at moderate to high speeds and grip it with your fingers in a clawed formation. The device challenges your fingers to maintain their grip. For a wrist-strengthening exercise, hold the ball in the palm of your hand and use it at any speed. Its motion will propel your wrist into a rotating movement.