Dimensions of the Bowflex XLT


The Bowflex Power Pro XTL was one of the models that helped propel Bowflex to the top of the home-gym market in the late-1990s. The gym is a refinement of Ethiopian immigrant Tessema Dosho Shifferaw’s original design, and achieved phenomenal sales through an aggressive television direct marketing campaign by Bowflex. One of the selling points of the gym is that it is lightweight and you can easily move it for storage after exercising.


When fully assembled, the Bowflex Power Pro XTL is a sizeable piece of equipment, measuring 92 inches in length, 50 inches wide and 83.5 inches tall. The bench of the machine is long to accommodate the rowing station seat, which must travel the length of the bench when in use. The height and width of the gym are similar to other Bowflex gyms due to the use of the same bendable rods, called power rods, for the gym’s resistance mechanism. The resistance rods extend 48 inches into the air and and the backboard bench is 36 inches long.

Workout Footprint

As you exercise with the Bowflex Power Pro XTL, you will find that the size of the machine will vary. For example, each of the power rods is around 48 inches long, and when you pull on an exercise attachment hooked to the power rod it bends down and out at the sides of the gym. This means you will need to set the gym up in an area that has additional space to the sides and front so you are free to exercise unencumbered.


Unlike the base Bowflex Power Pro model, the XTL comes with additional exercise attachments for expanded exercise variety. These extra attachments include the lat pull-down tower, the leg extension and the Purvis pec bar. These attachments will make the Bowflex Power Pro gym taller, longer and wider, respectively, when you use them. The trade-off for additional size in the gym is a variety of new exercises, such as triceps push downs, leg curls and a wider bench press. In 2004 the backboard bench was recalled due to the fact that it can unexpectedly collapse and cause serious injury. The Lat Tower also poses a serious risk, since it can rotate forward and fall during use.


Though the Bowflex Power Pro XTL may seem large when you are exercising, particularly if you have a small home or apartment, you can easily fold it up and move it for storage when you complete your workout. By releasing the locking knob under the bench, you can fold it up to the power rods. You then secure the bench vertically by clipping the accessory cables together in front of it and wrapping the hand grip and leg press belt attachments around the top of the vertical seat. The rear base of the gym has wheels so you can roll it to a storage area.