How Do I Upgrade the Bowflex PR1000?

The Bowflex PR1000 was one of the first machines from Bowflex to sell well after the machine design was created in 1979. However, the biggest drawback of this home gym is that it does not have extra slots for additional power rods. If you want to upgrade the machine from the standard 210 lbs. of resistance, you must substitute the existing power rods for higher tensioned ones.

Order the power rods you will be replacing directly from Bowflex. Different models of Bowflex home gyms take different size power rods, so you must choose power rods made for the PR1000. Select either a 30-lb. or 50-lb. power rod set depending on what your fitness needs are.

Move to the back side of the machine where the power rod pack is located. Unclip any exercising cables attached to the power rods and allow them to recoil into the machine. Place a Phillips head screwdriver into one of the screws on the bottom bracket under the power rod pack and turn it counterclockwise to take out the screw. Take out the other three screws to disengage the assembly from the vertical main frame.

Grasp the power rod pack at the base and lift vertically to remove it from the machine. Tap the sides and bottom of the power rod pack with a rubber mallet if it becomes stuck at any time.

Lay the power rod pack on its side and find the screws that hold each power rod in the casing. Once you have located the screws that hold the rods you will be replacing, remove them. Remove a set of rods that are of less resistance than the replacement rods. For example, a set of 50-lb. power rods must replace a set of 30-lb. rods and 30-lb. rods must replace 10-lb. rods.

Remove the old rods from their slots in the power rod pack casing. Set the casing on a level surface and use a drill with a bore bit to widen the slots you will be replacing so they accommodate the new rods. Drill down into the casing until the new rod sits flush with the other rods and can be screwed into place.

Return the power rod pack to the supporting bracket on the vertical main frame and screw it into place. Check the pack to ensure it is securely in place and then attach an exercise cable to each of the newly replaced power rods. Pull on the cables to make sure the power rods do not come loose in the power rod pack.