Static Lunge

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Lunges are a powerful exercise to engage your quads and gluteal muscles, especially the lower intensity static lunge. This exercise is like the fraternal twin of the forward lunge, except it gives your body more of a break. If you're looking to tone your legs with a little less work, look to the static lunge.

Building the Static

A static lunge isn't too far off from a forward lunge. The key difference in the static lunge is that you hold your position. To perform this exercise, step forward with one leg while moving to your knee with the other, keeping your upper body aligned and abs contracted. Hold this position for 30 seconds then repeat for the other side, doing five to 10 reps. Instead of stepping forward to perform your lunge, you stand with one foot forward and the other back, making a triangle with your legs. Without moving your feet, lower your rear leg until your knee almost touches the floor while bending your front leg, then repeat with your other side. To reduce the intensity of your exercise, hold onto a chair or other kind of support. If you want a harder workout, hold dumbbells at your side. Do the exercise for 10 to 15 reps per side.