How to Stay Fit When You're 70

How to Stay Fit When You're 70

Staying fit when you’re young is often less of a conscious effort than it is just a by-product of scrambling around experiencing everything life has to offer. As you age, if you’ve been committed to a fitness program, whether it be running, swimming or practicing yoga in order to stay fit, then unless you’ve been stricken by infirmity, there’s no reason to give it up. In fact, there’s evidence to prove that staying active well into your senior years will benefit you in every way. How to stay fit when you’re 70 or older just involves choosing the right activity.

Plan on at least 30 minutes of brisk walking, jogging, swimming or cycling most days of the week to build or maintain your endurance. If you were a walker, runner or cyclist in your middle years, there’s no reason to give it up in your 70’s. Keep your doctor up to date with your activities during your yearly physical. As long as she is aware of your fitness program and can see no physical reason for you to stop training, then hit the road for some cardio. Go to the ACE Fitness website to plug your age into the target heart rate calculator. The maximum heart rate you should not exceed during a cardio workout varies with age.

Start lifting. Being able to take care of your home and even lift a grand baby or two means proactively keeping up your strength. Buy a set of weights that includes two and five lb. dumbbells if you are a women and buy seven and ten lb. dumbbells if you are a man. Refer to the National Institute for Aging's website for a strength training schedule. Along with safety tips, you'll enjoy the detailed descriptions and picture of each strength training move. Devote 20 to 30 minutes at least two days a week to building your strength with weights

Hit the mat. "Yoga in America" was a study conducted by "Yoga Journal" in 2008 which determined that of the 15.8 million people who practiced yoga, 18.4 percent were over the age of 55. If you have never attempted yoga, now’s the time to start. Staying fit in your 70’s has a lot to do with keeping your balance; many of the yoga poses are targeted towards helping you stay balanced and flexible. In addition, yoga poses can be adapted to any fitness level, body type and age.

Join a sports league for seniors. Playing sports helps keep you fit when you’re 70. One of the advantages of age is that you have a lifetime of experience from which to draw and that can help you determine which activities you’d like to participate in. If you were mad for the court, whether that be tennis or badminton, dust off your racket and engage in a little friendly competition with your friends. On the other hand, if there was always something you wanted to try but didn’t have the time for, like golf or baseball, now you do.


Always check with your doctor before taking up a fitness program. She’ll be able to help you determine which areas need the most attention--like building strength, endurance, agility or balance.